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Abu Dhabi Full Day City Tour

Embark on a full-day adventure in Abu Dhabi, exploring its rich heritage, modern marvels, and
stunning landscapes with our expertly guided city tour.

Abu Dhabi Private Tour

Get ready to experience a world of wonder and excitement with the Abu Dhabi Full Day Private City Tour. This isn’t just an ordinary outing; it’s your golden ticket to the heart of the UAE’s capital.

Whether you’re journeying from Dubai or already in Abu Dhabi, this Abu Dhabi private tour opens up a treasure trove of experiences. Check out affordable dubai tour packages.

Guided by a seasoned Abu Dhabi private tour guide, you’ll navigate the city’s mesmerising blend of ancient traditions and futuristic landscapes.

 This full-day Abu Dhabi city tour is like stepping into a storybook, where every turn reveals a new adventure. Star tours offer Royal Desert Safari Dubai, Evening Desert Safari, Morning Desert Safari at an affordable rate.

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Now, let’s shift our focus to a truly magnificent sight on this tour – the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This architectural masterpiece is a fusion of Arab, Persian, Mughal, and Moorish mosque designs, symbolizing the diverse cultures within the Islamic world.

The mosque boasts 82 domes, more than 1,000 pillars, and holds the record for the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet. Inside the main prayer hall, you’ll find one of the world’s largest chandeliers – an absolutely stunning spectacle!


But the Grand Mosque is not just about architectural beauty. It holds a special place in Islamic tradition and culture, too.

As one of the world’s largest mosques, it is a key place of worship for daily prayers, Friday gatherings, and Eid prayers. 

The mosque also hosts a library rich in Islamic texts and reference materials, serving as a centre of learning and promoting the understanding of Islam.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

A Step Back in Time: Heritage Village

Let's take a trip down memory lane at the Heritage Village, where the UAE's past comes alive. This place is like a time machine, taking you back to see how the Emirati people lived before skyscrapers and luxury cars.

Living History

In the Heritage Village, you'll find houses made from mud bricks and palm fronds, just like in the old days. There's a mosque and a small market, or 'souk', where you can see traditional crafts like weaving, pottery, and metalwork. It's like stepping into a living history book!

Artistic Journey: Miraj Gallery

Now, let's move from the past to the artistic present at the Miraj Gallery. This place is a feast for your eyes, filled with beautiful Islamic art worldwide.

A Treasure Trove of Art

The Miraj Gallery showcases a vast collection of antiques, carpets, jewelry, and rare artifacts. Each piece tells a story about the region's cultural history and artistic evolution. Whether you're an art lover or just curious, these works' beauty will surely wow you.

Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future

The Heritage Village and Miraj Gallery are vital in preserving the UAE's cultural legacy. They help us understand the country's roots and traditions. So, when you visit these places, you're not just seeing cool stuff - you're connecting with the spirit of the UAE.

Sun, Sand, and Palaces: Corniche Beach, Emirate Palace, and Presidential Palace (Qasar-al-Watan)

First up, let's soak up some sun at Corniche Beach. This isn't just any beach - it's a slice of paradise right in the heart of the city. Its crystal clear waters and pristine sands make it the perfect place to relax and take some stunning photos.

Let’s recap the highlights as we draw the Abu Dhabi private tour description to a close. Our day begins with the historic Heritage Village and takes us through the architectural grandeur of palaces. We enter the art world at the Louvre Museum before ending the day with an adrenaline rush at Ferrari World.

Abu Dhabi is a city where the past and present coexist harmoniously. It’s where you can immerse yourself in historical sites in the morning, appreciate modern art in the afternoon, and feel the rush of a speedy roller coaster ride by evening. This exceptional blend of tradition and innovation makes Abu Dhabi a one-of-a-kind travel destination.




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Сафари по пустыне

June 18, 2024

Хочу рассказать вам о незабываемом опыте, который я испытала во время моего путешествия в Дубай. Во время моего пребывания в этом потрясающем городе, я имела удовольствие посетить одно из самых захватывающих приключений в моей жизни – сафари в пустыне.

Это путешествие стало возможным благодаря нашему водителю и сопровождающему, по имени Atif Aslaam. Он был не только профессиональным водителем, но и заботливым и внимательным гидом, который сделал наше путешествие по-настоящему незабываемым.

Atif Aslaam отлично знал пустыню и ее особенности. Он умело маневрировал по песчаным дюнам, создавая невероятные ощущения от езды на сафари. Его профессионализм и навыки безопасного вождения позволили нам полностью насладиться этим захватывающим приключением.

Но Atif Aslaam был не только водителем, он также был нашим надежным сопровождающим и помощником во всем. Он помогал нам сориентироваться в пустыне, предлагал интересные места для фотосессий и всегда был готов ответить на наши вопросы. Его гостеприимство и дружелюбие создали атмосферу комфорта и уверенности во время нашего приключения.

Я благодарена Atif Aslaam за его профессионализм, заботу и дружелюбное отношение. Благодаря ему наше путешествие на сафари в Дубае стало незабываемым и оставило в наших сердцах яркие впечатления.

Если вы планируете посетить Дубай и испытать удивительные ощущения от сафари в пустыне, я настоятельно рекомендую обратиться к Atif Aslaam. Он будет вашим надежным гидом и помощником, который сделает ваше приключение по-настоящему незабываемым.


Все супер!

June 18, 2024

Нас забрали во время, был приятный молодой человек, который все рассказал и объяснил, был рядом, чтобы мы не терялись его звали Atif aslaam, спасибо ему огромное. Качественное вождение машины и прекрасное настроение 🔥


Desert safari tour

June 9, 2024

Excellent service, we enjoyed desert safari tour with Dubai Star Tours driver was very polite and helpful

I would recommend to all to have their service


Dessert Safari ( Zeshan )

June 3, 2024

We truly had a wonderful experience today. Our guide Zeshan was very polite and accommodating. We really adored him. We will recommend you when we we get the opportunity.

Thank you so much.


Desert Safari

June 3, 2024

Zeshan has been a wonderful tour guide. It was a memorable experience. He made everyone in our family very comfortable and excited all throughout.

Thank you for the kind service.


Dubai Safari

June 3, 2024

Wonderful experience


Desert Safari Tour

June 2, 2024

We had a pleasant and wonderful experience booking our desert safari tour. We were accompanied by Mr. Amjed and he has been very courteous, hospitable, well coordinated on each of the activities. The pictures he took and shared are also very creative and well thought of. He made our first Dubai visit memorable and positive experience . Thank you very much. We would not hesitate to book another tour in the future:) – Family Group from Philippines


Abu Dhabi full day tour

June 1, 2024

We had booked for a Full Day Tour for Abu Dhabi, it was a very pleasant experience . Right from the simplest booking process to converting our Van trip into to a separate 7 seater Car booking. Zishan Khan enhanced our experience further with his guidance and patience at each of the Stop over places. He simply made the trip very comfortable and enjoyable.


Its good and excellent drive

June 1, 2024



Good day

May 15, 2024

Good experience

Thangs mr amjad